On November 3, discover what holds us together. Join the first-ever Love Anyway Feast.


Let’s feast together.
Peace starts with a meal.

On November 3, 2019, we’ll celebrate the Love Anyway Feast in communities all over the world. One night to begin healing all that’s tearing us apart. To embrace our differences rather than fear them. To love anyway.


A feast for everyone.
The table is big enough for us all.

The Love Anyway Feast isn’t just for those who look like us or think like us. It’s a chance to come together with those outside our usual circles. To bring our whole selves, our stories, and our perspectives to the table. To listen and learn from each other—and discover what holds us together.


This works.
We’ve been building peace for over a decade.

And more often than not, it starts with a meal. Breaking bread with those you fear or don’t understand is often the first step toward a new future. This is the real work of Preemptive Love. It’s not just providing relief or jobs for those fleeing war, but changing the ideas that lead to war.


You can do this.
We’ll share everything you need to hold your feast.

From planning to inviting guests to the night itself, we’ve made it easy to host your Love Anyway Feast. When you sign up, we’ll share a Feast Host Guide to walk you through each step. We’ll even share a playlist and a couple of videos you can use during your feast.

Let’s come together—and start to heal all that’s tearing us apart.