Join us.

Provide food, medicine, jobs, and heal the wounds of war.


We are Preemptive Love.
We exist to end war.

We are peacemakers, working to heal all that’s tearing us apart. When the world is scary as hell, we love anyway.


We’re on the frontlines.
We risk our lives for peace.

We don’t wait for those in need to come to us. We go to them, serving on the frontlines of some of the world’s worst conflicts. We have more than a decade of experience helping families survive—and rebuild after war.


Violence is a disease.
And there is a cure.

We help fast, providing food, medicine, and shelter to stop the spread of war.

We give help that lasts, creating jobs to protect families from the risk of war.

We heal the past, building trust across enemy lines to change the ideas that lead to war.


Local problems need local solutions.

Real change happens when people own their future. The families we serve know what they need better than anyone. We hire local staff and build local organizations to fuel change that will last long after we’re gone.


Peace through action, not just talk.

Our community of donors have do than talk about peace. In 2019, we provided:

  • 98,022 medical consultations
  • 41,293 hot meals served to families fleeing war
  • 61 refugee-owned businesses launched
  • 2,048 children given access to education
  • 1,517 asylum seekers served
  • 500 new farming jobs created
  • 11 local gatherings of peacemakers launched